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There is a new Nokia coming out this summer (the 9300) and I just saw the ad on TBS. It basically consists of showing various features of the phone with this instrumental background music. Sounds like a piano... anyway, I really liked it, but I don't recognize it.

To watch and listen go to, click on the about nokia menu. In the drop down you should click advertising. In the bottom left corner you can click on check out ads for Nokia, see more. Then it will open a new window... the commercial I saw is currently the middle of the three that pops up. Click it, and then click on TV commercial.

If anyone recognizes it... let me know. :)

I've seen the ad on other networks now... CBS today during this awesome CSI finale. Anyone got any leads?
A link to find the ad. Click on the middle photo/phone, then "tv commercial" to hear the music.
I really like this song too, but does anyone know what it is called or where I can get it.
I emailed Nokia regarding it... they said they'd forward the request to their marketing/advertising branch and that they'd get back to me if they had any info... nothing yet.
I believe it was determined that the music to the other ads in this series were using music specifically composed for the ads... might be the case for this one too. :(
Yeah... I really would have liked it if it was part of a bigger piece. I still have not heard anything from the marketing department that my request was forwarded to so I think Michelle is probably right.

{sigh} :(