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Hi all!

I'm looking for the song used in the latest Nokia TV ad broadcasted on networks across Europe.
You can watch it here : http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,,63380,00.html
Clic "View TV Ads" then "Collection TV Ad".
The song sounds electro/jazz (similar to Mr Scruff).

Thank you for your help ;)
Anyone knows the name of the song in the Nokia Fashion ad? The one where there's a lady dressed up in red and everyone around here is wearing white. And then she calls someone and another man dressed in red enters. The singer says something like "oh it's lovely" at the end.
Here is the answer Nokia sent to me:
The composition is a joint collaboration between Songzu (sound production house) New York, Songzu Singapore and Songzu Australia. There is no official name for the music, but it may be called "Nokia Vanity".
So... that was commissioned especially for the ad ;)

PS: This is the ad directed by the fashion photografer David Lachapelle.
Song is called Zap Me Lovely by Trickbaby and is due to be released soon.

More details about the release date can be found by emailing the sound production company through www.songzu.com

Can't find that song on the net yet but have found other songs by this artist.

Cool song tho :D