Nissan Commercial


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This is the second time I heard the song in the commercial. I think they used this song last year also. The voice over compares the different nissan model cars with lines!!!
i'd also like to know, the main catch phrase it "the bottom line"
Hmm... if this is the ad I'm thinking of, then the track is called "Hoops" by The Chemical Brothers, from their 2002 album "Come with us". I believe the voice sample comes from "Round again" by The Association. The Chemical Brothers have had their music used in TV commercials for Pirelli and MTV and in movies including the Butterfly Effect, Gone in 60 Seconds, Tomb Raider, the Saint, Vanilla Sky...
I heard a sample clip in but ime not sure if its the same song. It does sound similar
BobbyB is correct. It's Hoops by The Chemical Brothers from their album "Come With Us". One of my favorite albums of all times.