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anyone have any idea how to get this? love the song but it's not on sounds like a jazz remake of the carpenters "close to you".

it's here, first clip on "TV campaign":
noo it's a newer commercial...for the coolpix s630, L100, P90. not on youtube yet - only place i found it was here:

(under TV campaign tab. first vdo on the left)
The song is 'Close to You' written by Burt Bacharach/Hal David. Don't know who is singing it. It has been covered by several artists.
thanks guys!!

any idea how to buy/ download it? sounds like it's the josefine cronholm version. it seems impossible to find..
I know this is an old thread now, but did anyone ever officially figure out who does this song? I listened to the Josephine Cronholm version again and it sounds off to me. The song is jazzy and the singer has a bit of a deeper voice. I just found a bossa nova singer named Lisa Ono, and I think it sounds a lot more like her. I couldn't find anything about her singing "Close to You" though, so maybe I'm wrong.

Hi, they have a new ad with kinda the same song. have you watched the new ad? the one at the beach? its more soothing. I did a little research(out of my desperation to get the song quick) and suspect that Susan Wong is the one who sings for the new coolpix ad. do you think it is the right version?

the ad

but idk why i still think the ad has smoother feeling than Susan Wong's.