1. H

    Nikon "Small is Now Huge" Ashton Kutcher

    Great music that I must find. This ad is so new that I can't find anything about it yet. All help will be appreciated.
  2. nmichave

    Nikon Coolpix S8100 Ashton Kutcher

    I've heard this music before but can't place it. I thought it might be Herbie Hancock and Watermelon Man, but I listened to that and it doesn't match. Any ideas?
  3. M

    Nikon Coolpix D8000 Advert

    Just incase anyone is wondering because I know I was... the song in the advert (the one with robbie williams) is Radical Face - Welcome Home xx =o) xx
  4. this4lyn

    Nikon D5000 "Fashion Show"

    Hey does anybody know the name of the dance song used in this new commercial for the Nikon D5000 camera commercial titled "Fashion Show" featuring actor Ashton Kutcher? The lyrics are something like "whatcha gonna do".
  5. W

    Nikon Coolpix Ashton Kutcher

    anyone have any idea how to get this? love the song but it's not on sounds like a jazz remake of the carpenters "close to you". it's here, first clip on "TV campaign":
  6. E

    Nikon Coolpix Ashton Kutcher

    Nikon Coolpix S550 Ashton Kutcher Does anybody know the song in the background? It doesn't have much lyrics to go by, but here it is: