1. N

    GoPro HD Hero Camera

    I've seen the commercial twice now during november 2010. Its got a skier shreddin some fresh pow down a mountain but its all for a camera called "GoPro". But I'm wondering was the Dubstep/tencho song is... Anyone have any idea? It sounds real familiar but its too good to not know
  2. S

    Olympus Pen

    Does anyone know the name of the song on the new Olympus Pen camera commercial -- the one that was apparently shot on the Pen camera? It has a girl walking around a city talking about the camera's features. The song is a kind of bouncy indie track with lots of whistling. You can see the...
  3. A

    Canon Ixus 100is

    Who can tell me the name of song in this TVC please give me link to download
  4. C

    Sony Cybershot T900

    What's the song in this ad for the Sony Cybershot T900?
  5. W

    Nikon Coolpix Ashton Kutcher

    anyone have any idea how to get this? love the song but it's not on sounds like a jazz remake of the carpenters "close to you". it's here, first clip on "TV campaign":
  6. R

    Canon EOS Rebel T1

    Everytime I hear the music to this ad, whether I am watching or just listening, I'm drawn to it. It's just music, piano I believe, no lyrics. Can anyone tell me what the tune is? Thanks. :)
  7. W

    Casio Exilim EX-S10

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for the song in this camera commercial. It sounds a little like Gnarls Barkley (or Ceelo) doesn't it? wiggyil3
  8. indieschmindie

    Sony Cybershot T700

    Can anyone tell me what song this is? The ad is airing right now in Indonesia (South East Asia). It's really colourful and whimsical with grass fields and clouds that turn into cotton candy and colourful clothes and stuff. The song's also really whimsical and twee. First there's humming (male...
  9. M

    Canon Rebel XSi

    I think it's a pretty old commercial, probably '07. It's a Nikon camera commercial where several shots of NFL pictures are put together in order to seem like an animation. Kind of like stop motion films except much cleaner and with more pictures. Nevertheless, the piano music is breathtaking. If...
  10. B

    Canon Digital Rebel football

    The commercial was for a canon rebel camera and they were taking still of what I think was a football game in the rain if memory serves me right. I only got a quick glimpse of the commercial but there was an instrumental piano track being played in the background if anyone can tell me who or...
  11. coreymccluskey

    Canon Rebel XTI

    i just saw an ad for a canon camera and it had a male singer, all i can remember is him saying "I see, ill add more when i see the ad again...
  12. E

    Nikon Coolpix Ashton Kutcher

    Nikon Coolpix S550 Ashton Kutcher Does anybody know the song in the background? It doesn't have much lyrics to go by, but here it is:
  13. O

    2003 Canon "Paint a Picture" camera and printer ad featuring Jewel

    View: Anyone know who the woman is singing the new Cannon Commercial? A few of the words are....." Forever this way"...any help would be greatly appreciated....