2003 Canon "Paint a Picture" camera and printer ad featuring Jewel

Any clues on what is going on in the ad, to help us recognize it. And, what kind of music?
I love that commercial, where it shows life zipping by really fast then someone takes a picture and everything slows down for a minute.. It's Jewel, but unfortunately the song was commissioned by Canon and is - at this moment - not on any of her cd's.
Thank you dascoot! Too bad it's not available on CD, my 14 year old son liked it! Was hoping to get it for him.....oh well......BTW, you folks here are pretty incredible! Thanks for the help! :D
This sounds like Jewel's song "This Way" off of her 2001 album "This Way".
Just to avoid any confusion... :)

Jewel has been recruited by digital camera maker Canon to write the theme tune for their latest $10 million dollar ad campaign:'during the ad, Jewel sings, "Paint a picture in your mind/Nothing is crueler than the passing of time." Jewel returns to her folkie roots in the theme song she wrote for the campaign. She goes on to sing, "Please say you'll stay forever this way."'
I forgot what the comercial was for, but the singer in it sounded a lot like jewel. I searched for her lyrics but all I found is her song "This Way" which has some matching lyrics like "say that you'll stay forever this way." Except it sounds completely different. The one in the commercial is slower and has some different lyrics in it. I remember the lyrics "Nothing's crueler than the passing of time" from the song in the commercial. i don't know how much that helps. Maybe it's not jewel at all but it did sound alot like her. Thnks :)
Awesome, thanks a lot dascoot. i knew it was jewel and it explains why i couldn't find her song using those lyrics. Too bad it's not released.
I know, it's one of those hauntingly beautiful.. get's ya *right there* kinda tunes. That ad drives me to tears every single time. :( sniff sniff
Any word on whether the Canon people are releasing this song? I'm glad I am not the only one who cries at commercials!
i forget the commercial itself, but its a new one and the songs goes something like......"say you'll stay forver this way...." anyone know the song title?
sounds like jewel, but i got the song and it isn't the same.......thanks in advance!
Paint a picture with your mind.
Nothing's crueler than the passing of time.
I need you to say, say you'll stay.
Forever this way.

Dammit!! I love that song.
I've been trying to figure out the song from the Polaroid commercial, starts out with a woman having a baby and ends with two old people out camping or something. Sounds like Jewel and one of the lines is, "Nothing's crueler than the passing of time."

A little help?

does any body know the song? it goes like "and you'll sayyyy.. wooooooo ...." it's like a slow and i guess u can call it sad too.
I think the song you're after by Jewel and was done just for the ad.