1. W


    Hi! I'm looking for a song that's been in a recent Canon commercial. The ad is for a lens and it has a guy with a beard talking about the lens and they call him an adventurer. He's rock climbing, canoeing etc. Thanks!
  2. L

    Canon "Exploring the World of Full-Framers"

    Hi! Could anyone help me figure out the name of the background music? I really want to enjoy a longer version. Thanks!
  3. E

    Canon EOS 100D "Love"

    Hi, I currently looking for the song title and also the singer/ band of the Canon EOS 100D soundtrack. It has lyric like "L O V E just like you mean to me, you complete me..." If anyone can help, thanks ;):wub:
  4. M

    Canon World of EOS

    Hi everyone! Hopefully someone can help me figure out this song from the Canon World of Eos commercial! Its really popular! Thanks in advance
  5. T

    Canon Pixma printer

    I have got to know if this is a song or just a piece composed for the ad. The ad I am speaking of is a Canon ad for the Pixma printer with "Full HD Movie Print Technology". The ad plays back and forth a couple getting married, an elderly couple dancing, three kids playing leap frog, and a baby...
  6. I

    Canon "Swan Lake"

    Sorry to be so vague but this is from memory Saw an ad a number of years ago from, I think, 1 of the above companys, think it was an ad about a printer. In it they used a remixed classical piece which I think was Swan Lake. Anyone know if this is correct? Is Ad Available anywhere? Or more...
  7. Z

    Canon Powershot "Max"

    Saw this recently (within 2009 - 2010) on Hulu. Girl driving a car (possibly Anna Friel?) singing (possibly a cover) of a song with the words "I fought the law and the law won". Her dog behinds starts howling along. It's real cute and playful. View zooms out into a camera held by the passenger...
  8. U

    Canon ad from about ten years ago

    This is a really difficult one. About ten to twelve years ago (probably twelve, because I remember going to the movies a LOT in 1997-8) there was an ad running here in the UK for a Canon camera. It was probably one of the digital cameras because it was quite small. I think it was an Ixus, but I...
  9. K

    Canon Rebel T1i baby

    Hello! Would anybody happen to know the title of the song in the commercial for a new canon camera? The commercial has a mother and baby in it, female singer that sounds like Feist, and one line in the song has something to do with a fairytale. Lines include "you hve become one of my favourite...
  10. B

    Canon Powershot "Thin"

    I have been trying for sometime to gather any insight into what music they used during the making of this particular commercial. So far no possible leads as of yet. The commercial appears to be of a Canon red Powershot sd780. I have also included a link of a preview of this particular commercial...
  11. A

    Canon Ixus 100is

    Who can tell me the name of song in this TVC please give me link to download
  12. R

    Canon EOS Rebel T1

    Everytime I hear the music to this ad, whether I am watching or just listening, I'm drawn to it. It's just music, piano I believe, no lyrics. Can anyone tell me what the tune is? Thanks. :)
  13. M

    Canon Rebel XSi

    I think it's a pretty old commercial, probably '07. It's a Nikon camera commercial where several shots of NFL pictures are put together in order to seem like an animation. Kind of like stop motion films except much cleaner and with more pictures. Nevertheless, the piano music is breathtaking. If...
  14. B

    Canon Digital Rebel football

    The commercial was for a canon rebel camera and they were taking still of what I think was a football game in the rain if memory serves me right. I only got a quick glimpse of the commercial but there was an instrumental piano track being played in the background if anyone can tell me who or...
  15. coreymccluskey

    Canon Rebel XTI

    i just saw an ad for a canon camera and it had a male singer, all i can remember is him saying "I see, ill add more when i see the ad again...
  16. K

    Canon Powershot Maria Sharapova

    There is a fairly new Canon Maria Sharapova commercial played often on ESPN and ESPN2. Maria Sharapova is in it, and wherever she goes, tennis balls go crazy. Eventually, she goes up to some kind of balcony and takes a picture of tennis balls that have formed into the shape of a smiley face...
  17. O

    2003 Canon "Paint a Picture" camera and printer ad featuring Jewel

    View: Anyone know who the woman is singing the new Cannon Commercial? A few of the words are....." Forever this way"...any help would be greatly appreciated....