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I was watching an old NFL film show, and in the beginning there is a theme song, its a classical piece. They always play it at the beginning of every show. Does any one know what I am taling about?
I listened to the samples from the amazon website, but that particular song is not on it. The particular song I am looking for usually played at the opening of every nfl films highlight show, and on some commercials. It's quite catchy. Thanks for your help anyway.
i listened to the nfl films cd and it is #2 up she rises, it's just that on the show the song has a different tempo
Really? is it the same on used in those campbell's soup commercials and a KFC one, where a man is running with a bucket of chicken trying to make it before half time is over?
Anyway, I give it a try again. Thanks a lot.
Hi there, does anyone recognize the music from the "In Their Own Words" TV episode featuring Terrell Owens, where they highlight his catch against Green Bay in the 1999 playoffs?

The music starts 4:54 remaining in the video and ends at 3:05. It's a dramatic cue I know I have heard before, but am unsure where. Thank you!
NFL Films Super Bowl 23 Music

I am trying to find out the name of the song in the following clip that plays between 5:09 to 5:30. Can anyone help? It would be greatly appreciated!

Good thought, but I have listened to all of those tracks, and the song in question is not one of those. Thanks though!