1. F

    AFC Championship Game

    Can someone pls tell me the name of the song being played during this AFC Championship game teaser???
  2. G

    LSU "Reviews"

    Hey. Anybody know the music from this epic LSU ad playing during their football games?
  3. F

    BCS National Championship Game

    Does anyone know the song that played during the pregame video package that ended with the word "Gametime." Brent Musburger was narrating the package. It sounded like B.o.B, but I'm not absolutely positive on that. It started with like an acoustic guitar, then had some female vocals (might have...
  4. D

    LSU vs Alabama

    From CBS Sports. It's also the song in the background of the Jack in the Box Breakfast Platter commercial. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. E

    LSU vs Alabama

    anybody know the name of the song?
  6. T

    2011 Big 12 Conference Football PSA

    Does anyone know the song from the 2011 commercial? It sounds like an older western movie song thats been mixed. Look up Big 12 PSA on YouTube.
  7. M

    NFL Network

    On sunday after the Giants game there was a commerical - i think just for the NFL. It was a montage of highlights. At the begining of the commercial it says what song is playing during the montage and I missed it! Help! It's hip hop. great beat, PLEASE HELP what song is it??
  8. C

    NFL Clothing for Her

    What's the name of the artist/song of the new NFL TV Ad? It has a woman singing "You don't own me...." sounds like a country song. For NFL Clothing for her.
  9. T

    The Tillman Story

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the piece of music in the trailer for The Tillman Story (which looks great, by the way). It starts at 1:14-it sounds very familiar, maybe it's from a previous film score but I can't place it. Thanks in advance for the help! --Gaby
  10. etrivett1989

    Tostitos football "The more we get together"

    Just heard this during the Fed Ex Orange Bowl, really cool shots of some football "culture" , anyone know where you can find this song?
  11. D

    Visa Debit NFL "Go Football"

    The song is im shipping up to boston by the dropkick murphys. It was also in the movie the departed and is on the soundtrack. Deren
  12. F

    Big 12 Championship Game

    Halftime show, they are going to commercial and are talking about the Cincinnati/West Virgina game. It was a synth driven song. Anyone catch it or know what it was? Thanks.
  13. U

    NBC Chargers vs Steelers

    its kind of a heavy metal type song. from what i heard of it anyway. can anyone help me out?
  14. R

    Green Day "Nice Guys Finish Last"

    I'm wondering what that intro music is from that's used in the beginning of Green Day's Nice guys finish last music video. It sounds like a pretty famous background music for football games - the theme with what sounds like bells. If anyone knows what its from post it...
  15. L

    CBS 11-22-08 Ole Miss vs. LSU Let it Ride song

    I was just watching the ole miss - lsu game on cbs and they played one of those game-highlight-set-to-music montages when they were coming back from commercial. It was kinda of a dancy, hip-hoppy song with female-sounding vocals, but i couldn't get anything except "let it ride" a whole bunch of...
  16. A

    Thursday Night Football

    I've seen in the past few days two commercials with the same music: one was an NFL Thursday Night Football commercial and the other was an NFL Network commercial, both during NFL games. They use the same song. No words, just music. Sounds like Coldplay, although I know it's not. Sounds ALOT...
  17. A

    USC football

    Hi--Just caught the tail-end of a song at the finish of the USC game. Showed the band (didnt say the name)--"living the dream, that's what life's all about"--something about "toughin' it out", etc. Couldnt get more of the lyrics, but the song was cool. Ideas? TIA Alison
  18. C

    NFL Films

    I was watching an old NFL film show, and in the beginning there is a theme song, its a classical piece. They always play it at the beginning of every show. Does any one know what I am taling about?
  19. S

    Sunday Night Football

    Does anyone know the song that's played whenever the poll for "Today's Top Performers" is played on Sunday Night Football? All I know is that it has the phrase "Just call my name". Thanks
  20. S

    NFL Network

    Anyone know the song playing during this commercial. It has a guy named right that is doing different jobs for NFL players, going over films, throwing passes in practice, etc.