New Volkswagen Commercial

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I just heard a new Volkswagen commercial on a public television station. Ooooo am I excited!!! It was solo acoustic guitar -- no voice-- a really funky sounding guitar line, repeated over and again. It was a very short little commercial.

I checked Volkwagen's site on the internet (they are usually really good about putting up Quicktime versions of the commercials) and this particular commercial is not there.

I only remember the visual being a volkswagen of some sort driving down a highway-- you are looking at the car from a vantage point above the road!

If anyone can be of any help, I'd appreciate it!

Thank you so much for looking for me -- but it isn't the one I remember. The one you link to here is more of an electric sound where the one I saw was more of an acoustic sound! Thanks so much for keeping an eye out for it for me! I have only seen that particular commercial ONCE and it now has been so long that I can't remember the original-- although I would know it if I heard it again. Someone in another post here mentioned a fat bass sound and percussion -- that is what I remember as well.

But it isn't the one linked to here of the vehicle flying through the air.

You guys are terrific-- keep up the great work!!

Dreaming of Cleos,