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I haven't been able to find this one on the boards anywhere.

Any ideas?
I've heard it on Road Rules Xtreme, but I really don't know who the artists is. One song on TRL that's heard quite frequently as background music is "Misfit" by Elefant.
For those of you interested, another commonly used song on TRL is "On Top of Your World" by Sahara Hotnights. This song is also used on Cribs and other MTV shows.
Yeah, it rocks! I just went out today and purchased both cd's.
For anyone that's interested MTV's using Communique's "Cross Your Heart" as background music on MTV.
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what's the song that they open up with? I SWEAR I've heard it b4 and it's bugging me. thanks!
Two of the songs they usually use on the TRL opening is "Misifit" by Elefant and "I'm Shakin" by Rooney.
neither of those are it. if anyone can catch the show.. it comes on MTV today at 12:30pm EST and tomorrow at 2:30pm EST. it's at the beginning like it plays when they're sayin like February 21, 2005 and it shows the camera zooming in on the windows from a building across the street. thanks!
TRL Music

there is this song that is always on trl when they are interviewing and it has a guitar and is it always played.
"Reptilia"- The Strokes
"She Is the Blade"- Sugarcult
"My Coco"- Stellastarr*
"My Town"- Armor For Sleep
"Black and White Town"- The Doves
"The Bucket"- Kings of Leon
"Taking It All Back"- Count The Stars
"All That I've Got"- The Used
"Absolute Affirmation"- Radio 4

Sorry, those are the only songs I've been able to identify on the show.

Older TRL background songs, that they used before.

"Pictures of Me"- Vue
"Writing to Reach You"- Travis
"I'm Shakin" Rooney
"On Top Of Your World"- Sahara Hotnights
"Testing 1,2,3"- Barenaked Ladies
"Good Things"- Rival Schools
"Golden Path"- Chemical Brothers
"Deadbeat"- Cato Salsa Experience
"American Hearts"- Piebald
"All For Swinging You Around"- The New Pornographers
"Cross Your Heart"- Piebald
"Misfit"- Elefant
"One Horse Town"- The Thrills
"Mexican Wine"- Fountains of Wayne
Songs Currently Used as TRL Background Music:

"Suspension"- Mae
"Believe"- Jason Mattia (not available for download or purchase)
"Black and White Town"- Doves
"Breakin"- The Music
"All That I've Got"- The Used
"Absolute Affirmation"- Radio 4
"Buried Myself Alive"- The Used
"My Coco"- Stellastarr* (Long Version)
"My Coco"- Stellatsarr* (Intro Version)
"Reptilia"- The Strokes

The rest of the songs used as background musicwere supplied by Jason Mattia. Jason Mattia has also provided numerous tracks for most MTV shows.
Some of the hip-hop/r&b tracks were supplied by Ezell Swang Productions. Ezell has 40 songs currently in the MTV background music library.
it was a rap/hip-hop song. part of the lyrics sounded like "on the floor." i'm guessing (?) it's a david banner song since they played it when he came out
Omg I just had trl and I wasn't really paying attention. I did hear that song though. Rap. It sounded to me like (and sorry if I'm wrong), 'throw yo hands in the air, let me flo, let me flo.......... let me flo, let me flo'

Does that make sense? :(

~ Mia ~