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I have been looking for the longest time for a song. It's in VH1's Driven Ashton Kutcher at the part when they talk about him modeling at local malls about 15-20 min. into it. And it is in VH1's Clay Aiken all access at the part when they talk about him at TRL on MTV. It has a techno sound to it and they play it nonstop on VH1. Please Help!

On a whim, I'm gonna say "Emerge" by Fischerspooner.

If that's not it, can you provide more details about the song, like if there are any lyrics?
I don't belive so

I don't have kazaa or anything. does it go into a different beat more into the song?

And as far as i've heard there is no lyrics.

I don't have a mic so i can't record it.

It has a faster tempo

Please DJFlowers and Michelle!
Oh my gosh thank you so much for the basement jaxx. It wasn't red alert it was off their album roody it was romeo thank you so much DJ flowerz!!!
I was looking for a song from the same episode. I think its a rolling stones song that he is singing in a car. The scene was shot on home video. Any Clues
does anyone know a song on driven feturing ashton kutcher... its near the very begining its a piano solo. please help i checked the website and cant find anything
thanks ahead of time
try "kinda kinky" by ursula 2000, found in this thread , answered by least i think that's the one you're talking about...
thanks but i dont think thats it... this song is a piano solo type song, its sorta a melo tune
haha thanks but ive heard of that one too... i really wish i could describe it better, its a piano solo and ive heard it alot...
you know what kills me? i think i was watching that episode this past afternoon at exactly the same time you were, because as i was watching it, your post popped up. so it kills me that i heard it, probably knew it, and didn't pay attention...except to the carnival/lullaby type piano solo. don't worry...they rerun that episode like nobody's business :D
doh! i think that's the one i really meant to say, scoot~! :blush: :nerd: tee hee...
THANKS SO MUCH!! :D U dont relize how long ive been looking for this song! Youve just made my DAY! im goin to run out and buy the CD