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Im trying to find out what rap song is playing in the background of the commercial on MTV called " Sucker Free Sunday", its a cool rap song that I heard before on Viva La Bam, but I cant manage to find out who is the rapper and what is the song name, I would appreciate any help. :huh:
Originally posted by michelle@May 15 2004, 06:32 PM
do you remember any lyrics?
It didnt have any, just music, but I know that the song has lyrics, they just didnt use them for the commercial, its kinda upbeat type of rap.
Its not that song, I know that song, and its definatly not that.
I have some new info, the commercial has Fat Joe in it.

im trying to get this track info for the beat/theme music that goes with the MTV SUCKER FREE SUNDAY COMMERCIAL. You can prolly turn your tv on right now and find it in the background whenever MTV runs the promo for the SUCKER FREE SUNDAY line of shows....its tight.....its a hip-hop tune of course...its been running with the commercial for about two weeks now( since the second week of March or so)
wud appreciate if you can share whose track the beat the runs with....


No isnt that carlsonics tune ......this one is real sly ......
you can actually hear the beat in the background....(try not to listen to the all the promo content in the foreground)..


if the above link doesnt take you there>>>> try this open and then go to "shows" and click on "SUCKER FREE SUNDAY" and that should start the video.

Previous promos for MTV were done by



I am not talking about those promos......but the latest one which has this CUBE-LIKE icon for the title "SUCKER FREE SUNDAY"
From what I can hear, the music sounds similar to what's used in the song "I'm Serious" by T.I.
Not sure if it's the same though? It's hard to determine with the voiceover.
It's an original track by NY hip-hop producer Needlez.
I googled NEEDLEZ and ended up tracking down the track "PIGGY BANK" he supposedly did for 50 Cent ( the JADAKISS+FAT JOE diss track on MASSACRE) ....but thats ont see any mix tapes on or anywhere you where you heard his MTV promo track ?

thx a bunch

Needlez specifically produced the track for MTV. It probably won't show up anywhere else.
Re: MTVs "Sucker Free Sunday" commercial

I know what song you are talking about. It's a super track. I just wish I knew what it. Can you post a link to that commercial? (one that works) To make sure its the song im thinking of