MTV commerical/Sunday Night Lineup.


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Looking for the name of the song played in the background of the commercial on MTV for the Sunday night lineup coming this fall.

The shows are Punk'd/Viva La Bam/Wildboyz.

There are little arrows pointing to the people in the shows (Mom, Steve-O, Pontius, etc.) It's kind of sketchy. And it's not the HIM or cKy song played during Bam's part, it's later on in the ad when Steve-O and Pontius are in the water with a bear.
I've been looking for this too, but didn't know how to describe it. :) Thanks. I hope someone can help. It's kind of a punk song with yelling in it, right?
I've seen the ad for the Sunday night line-up, currently airing, that has a sort of cartoon layer over the real footage. The song is "Lack of Communication" by the Von Bondies, off their album "Lack of Communication."

Chimaera: Don't know about the other ad, as it is an older version.