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HBO's currently running a spot for their sunday night lineup, the visual theme is math equations, with text and graphics interlaced with shows like the Sopranos, Sex and the City, etc, does anyone know what song they used in the promo?
I'm trying to find out the name of the song in the latest HBO commercial, the lyrics are "take a crack at this", Thanks
Take-a-crack-at-this-not-algebra-or-calculus. The song is called "Algebra" by Soul Hooligan
HI all. New to the forum, and this looks like the place to be to find this obscure information... but I'm, interested in the band and the song used in the new promos for HBO - currently I've only seen it on Sunday nights. It's used with a math motif and there are swipe scenes with tag lines from the song such as..

•"take a crack at this"
•"divide and conquer"

I'm actually more interested in the band, but would like to know the song as well.

There is a promo that runs on HBO, possibly for Sunday night programming, and I'd like to find out the name of the song that runs during it. Some of the lyrics go like this: "You'll try to guess/Take a crack at this/This is not algebra/or calculus.." If anyone knows the name of the song or the artist, please send a reply, thanks!
I just saw a comercial for HBO's new line up. It's playing right now, and it has an awesome rap song that sounds somewhat like a trip hop groove. The rap almost sounds like Del Tron/Gorrilaz, but I have no idea what it is. I only saw the ad once, and the song is phat.

Anyone know the song? I'm dyin' to get my hands on it. This is my first post, so be kind...