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Had HBO up in the 15 minutes or so before True Blood on Sunday, and HBO aired one of their 'mix' promos that consists of scenes from most of their big series. This one was dominated by images from Avatar. It was aired 5-10 minutes before True Blood, and had an awesome soundtrack.

Unfortunately I couldn't write down any of the lyrics for a google search (was in the kitchen at the time), and the DVR didn't kick off recording till right when TB began.

Anyone see this promo and know what the music is? It's not up on HBO's site yet... just the summer mix promo (which also has excellent music.)

Hi does anyone know the song that was playing during the promo a few months ago
the song started with a creepy little girl singing "boys and girls come out to play"
the song takes a more sort of electronic synth like tune after Nick and norah's infinite playlist starts.
this was on one of those promos where they show lots of clips of upcoming movies