Viva La Bam


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have you seen the tv commercial for viva la bam on mtv
well there is a song playing with a sick guitar riff can anyone please tell me what it is?
naw sorry its not the vonbondies ..i checked it already sounds like hardcore punk/hard rock
I think the song your talking about is.... "96 Quite Bitter Beings" by CKY. Try that one and see if it's it. :)
Does anyone know the name of the song in the Sunday stew commercial they were playing before the Von Bondies one. It had a little piano type sound to it and the words were "woot woo, woot woo." It was a little more upbeat song. They were playing it when they first started airing the Sunday Stew commercials.
thanks alot jonnywsbug ..thats the song i was lookin for ....KILLER KILLER riff
man :lol:
That Von Bondies song is what I've been looking for for a couple of weeks now. Thank you loads!
There is a song in the new commercial on MTV advertising the new season of viva la bam, punkd, wild boyz etc.............i have no idea the band or the song name and the only lyrics i can sorta make out are the words "my way"? anyways if anyone knows what song and what artist it is thatd be cool
Hey thanx jane..... starting to think I'd never find out who does that song. Great tune.