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Ok, when they would break off to show the fantasy player of each game, it played a song that sounded kind of like a 'dream weaver' beat but said something about a fantasy...

No idea what the name could be...
As the World Series postgame show on FOX ended, the credits rolled over flashback images of Red Sox of past and present. There were 3 songs played, one of which was Beck's "Golden Age" and the other which I'm trying to find. It was a dreamy, contemporary-sounding song with the words "Indian Summer" in it. I thought at first it was Van Morrison's "Meet Me In The Indian Summer" but that in fact, was not the song used. Anyone catch this last night? It was a great song.
Yea I want to know too, I only know that the 3rd song was "At Last" by Etta James
i think i just answered this in another thread but i'm pretty sure they are the same song, its "Dear Mr. Fantasy" by traffic, fitting title to show when they are doing something fantasy baseball.
Looking for 1st song that was played when the credits were rolling after the world series. The 2nd song was 'here comes the sun' and the last was 'At Last' but I am looking for the 1st song.

The lyrics were something like, 'I can't fake when Im on top. on top" sorry if this is vague or lyrics are a bit off. Song sounded somewhat like the cure.
After game three of the world series tonight, they played a quick recap featuring Kenny Rogers' pitching. What was the music playing in the background? I feel like I've heard it before in a movie too... I'm sorry, I know that's not a lot to go on, but there were no lyrics or anything in that part of the song

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing actually. I seem to remember that song in some kind of nintendo commercial, perhaps for the Nintendo Advance (where they showed someone playing it alone, and images of the game swirling around them). If anyone knows the song, I would be greatful.
Oh, I just found the song. It's called Disco Science, by a group called Mirwais. Pretty good stuff.
...oh, and I found the movie I heard it in; the song plays multiple times in the movie "Snatch" and is featured on the soundtrack as well
The "grand" opening orchestral music (sounded like John Williams) Any clue as to what it was?

My mum was asking me about this...yesterday night the Red Sox won the World Series, but through all four World Series games, a music score was played. I saw the credits at the end and it said it was an original score, but does anyone know if the song is available to listen anywhere? I'd love to know the exact name and composer too, since I cannot remember what it said on the credits, other than it being an original score. This song is the song they played in the intro and a couple other times throughout the games. Hope you can help! Thank you very much.
That wasn't what we are asking, that was played at the very end of the production. This was an orchestral piece played throughout the World Series games.
Re: Fox World Series baseball promo music

They just played a song in during the highlights of the 2nd Giants Tigers post game. It was electronic/dance and I've definitely heard it before. Anyone know what it was?