1. R

    Academy Sports and Outdoors

    Hello all, I am looking for the song featured in this commercial by Academy Sports and Outdoors. It is relatively new so here is the YouTube link: Hopefully it wasn't made specifically for the commercial. I have already searched the site and tried to use What Song Is This by Google and...
  2. V

    MLB Network

    Does anyone out there know the instrumental song they play on the MLB network in one of their commercials----it is not that cheesy song they keep playing(..."written in the stars")--this one is decent and I cannot find it. They have been playing it during the World Series.
  3. A

    MLB Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks 7th inning stretch

    What is the name of the song during the Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks 7th inning stretch song, male voices sing, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, yeah YEAH?" couldnt make out the rest of the song/ Thanks.
  4. K

    The new Baseball commercial

    Its no exactly new, but its new for the season. Its the mlb commercial showing the opening day ceremonies with a indie/rock tune behind it. I cant find it anywhere on the internet if anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it
  5. M

    MasterCard Priceless MLB

    I'd really like to know the name of the jazzy piano jingle they are using for the new (July, Aug, Sept 2010) MLB Mastercard commercial. Many thanks in advance,
  6. S

    MLB Beyond Baseball

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone used in Major League Baseball's Beyond Baseball commercials. You can listen to it in the background here Thanks
  7. farbeyond

    2009 MLB All-Star Game

    Hi, just saw a commercial advertising for the 2009 Major League Baseball (MLB) Allstar game which will be aired on the FOX network 7/14/09. The commercial used a song which was also recently used in an commercial. The song is: Carolina Liar - "Show Me What I'm Looking For" Get...
  8. red_adder515

    Fox MLB World Series baseball

    I 'm talking about the promos in the postseason. I know I've heard it before, they've also used it for the ALCS promo ads... It's a kind of fast upbeat piece of music. But I haven't found out who the artist(s) is...
  9. B

    MLB World Series baseball

    Ok, when they would break off to show the fantasy player of each game, it played a song that sounded kind of like a 'dream weaver' beat but said something about a fantasy... No idea what the name could be...
  10. D

    ESPN Little League World Series

    Can anyone tell me the artist/title of the song running in the background of the commercials for ABC/ESPN's coverage of the Little League World Series?