ESPN Little League World Series


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Can anyone tell me the artist/title of the song running in the background of the commercials for ABC/ESPN's coverage of the Little League World Series?
Someone else asked about an American Little League commercial at another site. They gave a lot more info and it sounded like they were looking for "Little Green Bag" by George Baker Selection. They were in Canada though and didn't mention ESPN so I'm not sure if it's the same ad. I haven't seen the ad but they never got back to me to confirm.
Does anyone know the song on the current LLWS promo on espn, it sounds like a country song?
just saw it again on Monday night baseball and the lyrics go like " I need you, I'll always love you" ?
Little League World Series

The latest ESPN Little League World Series commercial has a song playing in the background during the ad, the only line of lyric that I made out was " feels so far apart". It has an alternative sound to it and it's catchey doesn anyone know what and who this is? Thanks in advance