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Hey Guys

I keep hearing this song they used in the yankees - sox series and today i heard it during half time of the packers game when they were previewing game 2 of the world series

It must be something made by John Williams or a composer because it had this out of this world melody ... like aliens or harry potter and then it turned classical

they used it when talking about Jeter and the curses and stuff because it kinda gives you that weery feeling

Any suggestions would be much appreciated thnxxx :D
Yeaa ive seen those 2 topics ... unfortunately its not the same song ;) but thnxx
maybe you are thinking of the song ''Better On Holiday'' by Franz Ferdinand. Download that one and tell me if that is the song.

-matt :D
I searched for it but couldnt find it ... can u send it to me ;)
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The song is actually named "Jacqueline." You can hear an audio sample of the song here, track 1. It is also available for download from .
also, Better On Holiday is the same song. i have it, but they both work for what u are looking for.
could it be Zombie Nation by KERNKRAFT... ERGH THE NAME ESCAPES ME