Mission Impossible 2

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:blink: This is not part of the soundtrack but on Mission Impossible:2 after Ethan Hunt recruits the girl and sleeps with her, she's looking at pictures of the plane crash. In that one scene when she's looking at the pictures, is there a song title to that instrumental sequence? If anyone is familiar with Dave Matthews' song "Two Step," it sounds just like the intro to his song. Even more recognizeable in acoustic versions of his song. I'm curious cuz it sounds great. Thanks for the help. :blink:
i have seen the movie but i can not remember the music of that sequence.
anyways the music of the movie is composed by hans zimmer u can find the soundtrack with some samples here

hope this helps :)

by the way track#9 "Injection" and track#10 "bare island" are 2 of my favourites from the movie :)