Miller Lite human dominos


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Anyone know the name of the song playing in that cool new Miller Lite commerical? It's the one that has 1000's of people lined up and falling down on each other.
I did some searching and found out the song's called "Freedom of Choice" I see versions by Devo and Lagwagon, but I don't think the version used in the commercial is either of those. Perhaps it's an original cover like Volkswagon id with ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky"
By "original" I meant that it was made specifically for that commercial and wasn't released by a band on their album. ie. you'd never hear the version anywhere else but in the commercial.
Originally posted by ActuarialMadness@Nov 26 2003, 12:37 PM
Perhaps it's an original cover like Volkswagon id with ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky"
Ok, perhaps I'm confused then.. because ELO did release Mr. Blue Sky.. they didn't just do it for the commercial.

Or am I totally lost? :unsure:
Perhaps they meant it was a cover of ELO's song done by studio musicians (hence the version in the ad isn't publicly available)?? Just a guess... :unsure:

Either way ELO has nothing to do with this ad in question... "Freedom of Choice" is the song for the Miller "Domino-Effect" ad -- but we don't know who sings in the ad.
i've been looking everywhere to find out the song playing durring the Miller commercial where all the people are falling on eachother like dominoes. not only is the commercial great but so is the song. does anybody know the song?

Miller Lite dominos

Hey i just saw a miller lite commercial with people falling into each other. Basically human dominos the song that is playing is good stuff, Drop one if you know it. :lol:
It is indeed Devo's "Freedom of Choice" song that's featured in the Miller Lite commercial.... it's the title track of the Akron, Ohio band's 1980 album, which also contained the song "WhipIt" (which is now being featured in a Swiffer commercial).

Miller Lite dominos

Does anyone know the song from a miller lite commercial where they are falling like dominoes and it comes to the guy drinking a *miller* and he steps outta the way. It's a technoish song. ;)