Milk "Grow All Ways"


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Would anyone happen to know that name of that song on that Milk commercial (Always Grow, Grow All Ways/ Never Stop. Milk) where there's a whole bunch of random things happening with people, like a guy gets his pants pulled down in front of a bunch of girls.. etc. A girl is singing the song, and I'm pretty sure this is a recent commerical! The whole ad itself kind of reminds me of American Eagle ads in the stores!
Would you mind telling the rest of us. We like to keep a reference just in case of future questions regarding this ad.

Plus if you do, I will tell you the name of the artist and song from the Wendy's commercial, how's that for a deal?
looking for the song that goes " feeling good, feeling free, and nothings bothering me" etc etc....if anyone has a clue fill m in please and thank you....ohhh and as well any luck on the let it snow remix for the rogers ad?
For the Milk commercial:

It's called "Really, Really, Happy" by "The Mupps"

As for the Rogers commercial, I haven't heard anything in a while, something tells me it was done just for the commercial.
What's that new song on the Grow All Ways series commercial? It starts off with those soccer guys in red, I think the lyrics go something like:

"Shake it to the beat and lose your soul"

That seems to be part of the chorus, but I just can seem to figure it out!

What song is in that Milk commercial where random events happen like the little kids doing the math equation and the boy says 6+4 =11 and the girl erases it and puts 10. And there are wrestlers and a teenager trying to zip up her jeans and a shark and a bird fighting in the water..

some of the lyrics are " Look at what we have started.....We've got......"