Sony "Egg" Commerical


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One of my favourite commericals of all time is the Sony "Egg" commercial (it was one of those Do You Dream in Sony? ones). It aired during the summer of 1998. It goes something like this. An egg truck is driving through the English countryside. The truck hits a bump, causing an egg to fall off the truck. The egg starts rolling all through the countryside all the way to downtown London, becoming rather coloured and decorated along the way. Eventually it stops rolling, and a little girl picks it up. Then the egg is sold at Christie's for 7 million pounds. The last scene shows the chick inside the egg winking, followed by the "Do You Dream In Sony?". The commerical is 60 seconds, long and the work of Young & Rubicam, New York, with Kinka Usher directing.

The commerical is quite awesome in itself, but its song is part of what makes it so great. Does anyone have any idea of what the song is?

If anyone needs more information to answer this question, I found an article from a business magazine with extensive coverage of this commerical which I'd be happy to forward to you.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this. I've been looking for this commerical and/or its song since 1998!