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    Got Milk? "Ballad" Drysville

    HELP ME FIND THIS GOT MILK COMMERCIAL!!! It goes... "Oh Mama, Oh Papa, I'm feeling so down. How can htere be theres no milk in this town? Don't give me no muffins 'til things get better. My cornflakes are cardboard, cake tastes like a sweater. I'd give anything for that glass of white silk...
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    Got Milk? "White Gold"

    Got Milk? "White Gold" Anyone know the song in the commercial where a rocker is talking to a girl about how he wasn't always a rock god, and how an angel came down and gave him a guitar filled with milk, and he drank and became a legend? At the end, the trademark GOT MILK? flashed on the...
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    Hey all! Looking for a song featured in a new Milk commercial. The commercial features an hour glass-shaped drinking glass filled with milk superimposed over a series of women. The tagline is "drinking 24 ounces of milk per day will help you lose weight". Any help on the song would be...
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    Milk "Grow All Ways"

    Milk Would anyone happen to know that name of that song on that Milk commercial (Always Grow, Grow All Ways/ Never Stop. Milk) where there's a whole bunch of random things happening with people, like a guy gets his pants pulled down in front of a bunch of girls.. etc. A girl is singing the...
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    Got Milk? "Shake Stuff Up"

    Chocolate Milk has anyone actually found out the name of the song in the chocolate milk commercial where the guy puts the bottle on the speakers? i know a million people have been trying to find out.
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    Whats the song used in the new milk commercial. These are the lines I remember from it: Big bad Bessie....With the....milk There are words in between I think, I really want to know what this song is, but cant find it!
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    Got Milk? "X-Ray"

    Does anyone know what this piece of music is? just click on any speed to hear
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    Got Chocolate Milk?

    does anybody know the music for the Got Chocolate Commercial?