Got Chocolate Milk?



does anybody know the music for the Got Chocolate Commercial?
Do you mean the "Got Chocolate Milk?" ads? If so, which one?
got chocolate?

the fragile package with the well shaken chocolate milk inside
i've seen this ad, but for the life of me can't remember the song...

hmm... :?
found info; guess it's commissioned music:

Milk PEP | "Fragile"
October 14, 2002
Bozell/New York

A kid goes to a courier service to mail a same-day package. "Remember," he says, "it's very fragile." Of course, the postal workers go postal, throwing, kicking, bouncing and crushing the box. At journey's end, the delivery guy rings a doorbell and the original kid answers. He opens the package he mailed earlier in the day, revealing a cold drink. Graphic: "Shake stuff up." Tagline: "Got chocolate milk?"

Bozell/New York

Face the Music
Sound Designer
Tim Barnes/Quakebasket
Is this the song on the "Shake It Up" commercial where the guy puts the milk bottle on the speakers in the audio store?
i think the description in the post above you describes a different ad.