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Theres this new new show on nbc called the Medium and during the t.v commercial for it, i heard this song thats been stuck in my head, theres like this guy singing it or somthing, but i wanna know wut its called, if you kno leave a message
Ok, I just saw this. What is the song playing on the trailer for Medium? Man singing rock/ country lyrics that sound like "you don't know nothin' about this thing"
(I really hope no one's started a thread on this! I wanted to type it in fast before I forgot the lyrics... :( )
i think the song is called by "home"'s by marc broussard.
no, but thanx anyways..the music had a guy singing
The song is called "Home" by Marc Broussard. I asked this question in another thread, try search next time ;) , it helps a lot! Hope that's the right one!
I listened to the mediaplayer clip of "Home" and couldn't tell if it was the song I was looking for. Is it the one played most often with the trailer for that show? Something about "We're all about to lose contol.."? But the voice and music style does sound similar, so it seems right.
Yup, that's the right one. itunes has a 30 second clip you can listen to (if you have itunes). It sounds kinda country, kinda rock?
its this song its really short, all i remember is this guy singing "you don't know nuthin about me", but its a tv spot for the medium, and for some reason i just have to find out who sings it cause its been stuck in my head
B) Smarty pants! Nice job. (And I'm not being sarcastic or mean, promise! :D )

In case anyone else reads this, and is wondering, it's called "Home" by Marc Broussard.
what is the song playing in the background of the medium promo this week
I missed the promo, but tonite's ep featured "New Favorite" by Alison Krauss & Union Station.
i remember "home" by marc broussard being played in one of the promos
I believe the song you are looking for is Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode and the name of the album is Violator
At the end of tonight's (2/7/2005) episode of NBC's Medium, there was a promo for next week's episode where they show a girl jumping off a cliff. Does anyone know what song is playing during that promo? Thanks so much for your help!
I'd like to know what song that was, too! B)

Edit: They didn't play too much of it, so I didn't catch any of the lyrics, but it was female vocals, sounded a bit dream pop-ish?
YES! That's it! I hope that someone out there knows the song and can help us out. Anyone?
I was hoping someone would know who sang this song too!

They played it again, and these are the lyrics that were clear...

"I'm seeing things, in my mind my eyes are closed"
Actually, there's a promo video on the Medium/NBC website with the song.

I still can't find the song by the lyrics though
Does anyone know the song and its singer thats in the promo for the Feb. 14 episode of Medium?
The episode, called Jump Start, is about a girl's supposed suicide by jumping off a cliff.
The song is sung by a female with harmonized vocals. The lyrics I got were "I'm seeing things, In my mind my eyes are closed".

You can watch the clip at this site:

Any info would be great. Thanks!