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    Medium Season 6

    Hey guys, I was wondering what song this is: It starts playing right from the very beginning, and it sounds familiar but I have no idea what it's called. Thanks!
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    Medium Season 5

    Medium Things To Do In Phoenix When You're Dead 2-9-09 I would be really grateful if someone can tell me what was the last song that played in the episode (when they were in the diner.) My cable signal was acting all funny so I think I only heard the words "Evil Woman" and it sounded like an...
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    Medium Season 4

    Anyone know the slow, electro-y song that played whenever Alison had a dream about that girl/couple? -Syd
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    Medium Season 3

    Who does the song used in the school dance scenes in the 01.03.07 episode of Medium.
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    Medium Season 2

    anyone know what song was playing when the medium's teenage self was in the bathroom at the club and her friend walks in? we hear the music just briefly through the door as she comes into the restroom. sounded kinda 80s, which would probably make sense as it's a flashback... ;)
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    Medium Season 1

    Does anyone know where I can download or just find a clip of the Medium theme song (the new show on NBC). Its sounds really dark/creepy and has these awesome strings in it. I know that a guy named Jeff Beal wrote it but thats it. If anyone knows where I can download or get a clip of this song...
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    Theres this new new show on nbc called the Medium and during the t.v commercial for it, i heard this song thats been stuck in my head, theres like this guy singing it or somthing, but i wanna know wut its called, if you kno leave a message