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There is a commercial for Max Factor's new Lash Lift mascara, with a woman talking about how she is the makeup artist for The Aviator. The music is of a woman singing, but there are no specific lyrics. It sounds familiar, but I cannot place it. Does anyone know what the song is called, or who is it by? Thanks in advance. :)
Does anyone know what song is played in the background of Maxfactor's Lash Lift commercial? It kind of sounds like an Enya-type song with a womans voice, however, the woman doesn't speak, but makes an elongated "Ah-Eh-Oh" type of sound (hopefully that makes some sense).

Thanks for your help. :D
I'm also looking for this song... it reminds me of something I've heard before but I can't place it.

It's a woman's voice and the lyrics are unintelligible. I guess a word to describe it would be "haunting"... maybe?
I emailed Max Factor but didn't quite get a definitive answer. boo...

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Response (Karen) - 07/08/2005 05:02 PM
Hi Kim,

Glad we caught your attention! But I can't help you out with a name.
The music in most of our commercials is created especially for us and
we don't have recordings or sheet music available to send.

Thanks for stopping by.

Max Factor Team