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the commercial is semi new, its for M&M's and it has a party and then some guy gets a bowl of M&M's and starts throwing them at people and they catch it in their mouths, and then one guy pours the bowl out over a fan and they fly all over the room and the people jump up to eat them... :D

it sounds like a great song, and its been driving me nuts! so any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance :)
In this ad, some dude pours a bag of m&ms into a fan or something, they go flying accross the room in slow motion, and people catch them in their mouths. Then the red and yellow m&ms tackle one of the people.

Its a sweet song, kinda hard rockin...

Any ideas??
javascript:emoticon(':D') Isn't it a great song? I've e-mailed M&M so hope to find out from them.
I'm not sure if I've seen this one or not but I know that they have been using Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine for some of their commercials.
Got it: The song is " From Great Heights " and the artist is Postal Service.
if you are talking about the "such great heights" song from the m&m commercial then it is by iron and wine as previously mentioned. postal service does have another version thats a little more upbeat.
I don't believe it's the Postal Service. The song sounds really familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.
Such Great Heights is not the song from the commercial he is referring to...and I too would really like to know what that song is!! Someone please help!


It is definately NOT "great heights" by either Postal Service or Iron and Wine.

The song Im thinking of is much more rockin'. Kinda sounds like M83...??

just heard the commercial, sounds alot like Joseph Arthur
yeah i really really want to know the name of that song.
Its definatly not "From Such Great Heights" by postal service.
According to Effem (the company that makes M&Ms), the music was made made especially for this ad by Toronto-based recording house Pirate Radio and is, unfortunately, not commercially available.
thats the song that i also wanted but there is another commercial that has music similar to that which is called "such great heights" from golden state soundtrack
As the title says. This commercial shows m&ms being blown through the room (where it looks like there is a party of some sort going on) and people are catching them in their mouths as they fly though the room. The music is kind of pop rock. Any help will be appreciated.

JUST SO YOU KNOW! The music in this song is not "Such Great heights" from the Garden State Soundtrack nor is it "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service.

I'm not sure exactly which commercial you are referring to, but I do know there is one with a cover of "Such Great Heights" by Iron and Wine...is that it?