1. greeneyedboy


    hello guys i need your help. there's 30 second video. there's singing some band, i don't know it, but its remember me paramore^^ soo maybe you know who is it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-zBL1KOcmM i cant recognize word on background( help me please:(
  2. Rojay

    M&M's Commercial

    It starts with M&M's in a kaleidoscope and then there are four friends laying on the ground in a shape of a cross (camera from top) it's not the same as the Iron and Wine one. Lyrics: surrounded by friends untill the sun descends it's a beautiful day to be alive Please help.
  3. S

    M&Ms "Become an M&M"

    M&Ms "Become an M&M" does anyone out there know who sings the song from the newest M&M's commercial where all the M&M's are doing all sorts of fun things like taking photos in a photo booth and going to the movies? I LOVE THIS SONG! I'm also pretty sure it was in the end of Empire Records when...
  4. F


    M&Ms the commercial is semi new, its for M&M's and it has a party and then some guy gets a bowl of M&M's and starts throwing them at people and they catch it in their mouths, and then one guy pours the bowl out over a fan and they fly all over the room and the people jump up to eat them... :D...
  5. J


    It has a kalidescope effect with all the colors, and it sounds slower, like john mayer or something.. Thanks in advance
  6. michelle

    M&Ms "Color My World" river of chocolate

    M&Ms "Color My World" river of chocolate Have you seen the latest M&Ms TV ads? You can watch both versions at their site here. The song being sung in both ads is "Color My World" by Petula Clark, but obviously is a remake by two separate people in both ads. I've sent an email to M&Ms asking...