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It has a kalidescope effect with all the colors, and it sounds slower, like john mayer or something..

Thanks in advance
was watching an old PVR recording and saw an M&M's commercial that had a nice song in it.

the commercial shows a woodstock type music festival where the one of the M&M characters is on the stage with the guy who is singing.

not sure about the lyrics but i think he is singing somthing like "find the ------------ though the other end"

i would really appreciate help with this.
if it's the one i'm thinking of, the song is called such great hights, and the artist is Iron and Wine, its also featured on the garden state soundtrack.
there are two new commercials for the big m&m's i do believe and they are both slow songs dont know the words or anything else about them but i like them, if you could help that would be super
They song is by Iron & wine, Such Great Heights from the Garden State soundtrack
What's the title of the song on the M&M Commercial with the lyrics
"I'm thinkin its a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned"
Also, who is it by?
Its Such Great Heights by The Postal Service but I think sung by someone else or slowed down.