M&Ms "Color My World" river of chocolate


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M&Ms "Color My World" river of chocolate

Have you seen the latest M&Ms TV ads? You can watch both versions at their site here. The song being sung in both ads is "Color My World" by Petula Clark, but obviously is a remake by two separate people in both ads.

I've sent an email to M&Ms asking about this... Have a feeling it's just studio musicians, but will post my response when I get it.
Is Chicago's "Color My World" a different song? Or a cover? I've only heard the chicago one and haven't seen the ads yet.
no clue on chicago covering the song... you can view the ads in the link in the first post...
Definate covers:

Barbara Fairchild (Petula's)
Tyrant (Petula's, though they spell it 'colour')
Method Of Destruction (Chicago)

Ikeda Satoshi - also has a song "Color my world" - no clue, but couldn't hurt to throw it in.
Color My World by Kathryn Nelson - This is actually a pattern for dollmaking, but I thought it was kinda funny. :)

here ya go guys,
I've been searching for a while now and found out this much info on the songs.
I seem to have found what was listed as the artists, not sure if they mean the recording artists or just the designers of the commercials.

M&M'S in color will be reintroduced during the Thursday, Mar. 11, primetime line-up on NBC in an series of advertisement that trace the story of how color returns to the M&M'S characters. A national advertising campaign, "River of Chocolate" will also start on March 11, featuring ads inspired by artists including Nancy Stahl, Alex Weil, Alexander Gelman, Jonathan Adler, Mark Morris and Michael Rios, the company said.

I'll keep digging tho,
That first river of chocolate version is so compeling to me lol

Originally posted by Dyce@Apr 7 2004, 09:37 PM
...featuring ads inspired by artists including Nancy Stahl, Alex Weil, Alexander Gelman, Jonathan Adler, Mark Morris and Michael Rios, the company said.
"inspired by" ?? that sounds like they are implying they got a group of studio musicians to interpret those other artists' sounds for the ads...
anyone know the music for the m&m commercials titled:

River of Chocolate (Not the hard rock)


I love this song it is great! It kinda sounds like Jessica Simpson singing or something.
Hey guys this is what I got back as a reply letter from M&M mars.

In response to your email regarding M&M'S BRAND RIVER OF CHOCOLATE

for your email regarding our M&M'S BRAND RIVER OF CHOCOLATE television

We value the comments received from our consumers and always
share them with our Advertising Associates.

The song was done for the
commercial only. We do not have any information on the group you

Have a great day!

Your Friends at Masterfoods USA
A Division
of Mars, Incorporated

MM/tlp 5440645A

well it doesnt look like they are going to share lol. This might be the end of my song search for these.
Someone email them saying if they release a full version we will buy it like other songs. 99 cents for it. I would in a heart beat.
Does anyone know the Artist/Title of the song on the latest m&m's commercial, it has like a sea of m&m's that change colors. ; The song has a rock beat, and the only lyric I know from the song is "Color my world."

Thanks in advance :D
For those of you interested in the M&M's "River of Chocolate" commercial, I have the information you are looking for. I am actually the composer at Big Foote music who did the arrangement of "Color My World" for the commercial. Our company was asked to do various arrangements of the song which was originally made famous by Petula Clark. My arrangement was chosen for the "Soft" version of the commercial, and one of my co-workers did the "Hard" arrangement, being aired on select stations. The singer you are hearing is Renee Cologne who I brought in to do the lead vocals and to help co-produce as well. We had a great time collaborating and are happy to hear that so many people have enjoyed it so much. To view the spot you can visit this link from our website: www.bigfoote.com/river.html

Another link for you to check out is Renee's website. www.reneecologne.com She has a new record out called "The Opposite Of" that I strongly recommend. Thanks everyone for all the great feedback!
THANKYOU!!! I have been looking everywhere trying to find out who did this song, eventually a lucky Google search led me here. Now I just have to find out, how can I download it? I really like it and would love to buy it.
Hi everybody. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself – I’m Renee, the girl who sang on the M&M’s track that you’ve all been asking about. KMS from Big Foote forwarded this link to me and I’m honored and flattered that you all like the spot so much! M&M’s, the ad agency and Big Foote were striving to create something original and unique for this campaign. As KMS mentioned, this was a collaboration, between her, myself and my longtime bass player friend Mike Stanzilis; NOT “a bunch of studio musicians”! If you want to hear more of my voice or some of my music, you can visit www.reneecologne.com. That’s it except to say that there MIGHT be a full-length version of “Color My World” available soon!
thanks for taking the time to visit and give us the info. :)
For those of you that have not looked at Renee's website, I highly advise it. She has some sample MP3 clips on there, and even a full length song available for download. For those of you that liked the M&M commercial, her clip of "Nap" sounds very similar. Her music is truly original.

You should drop by her site and drop her a line. Her whole CD seems worth the money to me.