M&Ms "Color My World" river of chocolate

She didn't say it would be available for download... She just said there "Might be" a full length version available in the future... In other words, doesn't exist right now. :unsure:
Does anybody know the name and the artist of the dong for that m&m commercial with the waves??
The one were a lady sings about coloring her world.
Also who makes the rock version of that??
Well, that thread doesn't really cap the question. The song is a Petula Clark hit that she did in 1966 and also there's a redone version by her circa mid-80's. However - Nobody seems to know yet who is redoing it on the M&M's commercial. It is probably a music house (studio) as we would have been barraged by who it was already otherwise.
Yes, it does. If you read on page 2 of that thread I linked to, you will find KMS's following response:

For those of you interested in the M&M's "River of Chocolate" commercial, I have the information you are looking for. I am actually the composer at Big Foote music who did the arrangement of "Color My World" for the commercial. Our company was asked to do various arrangements of the song which was originally made famous by Petula Clark. My arrangement was chosen for the "Soft" version of the commercial, and one of my co-workers did the "Hard" arrangement, being aired on select stations. The singer you are hearing is Renee Cologne who I brought in to do the lead vocals and to help co-produce as well. We had a great time collaborating and are happy to hear that so many people have enjoyed it so much. To view the spot you can visit this link from our website: www.bigfoote.com/river.html

The music was done just for the ads.
Well, as soon as a version of this song is available from Renee, can someone post the link here? Thanks.

Renee if you read this, that song is awesome. Thanks for singing it.
dudes, thx man, thx for your help in the search, if i can get my hands on a full version of color my world. that will be sweet
I'm sure it will be released. The versioin Renee does is great, but the commercial bugs me.

Everytime I see it I keep thinking, the boneheads didn't show the "M" in the proper "upside-down" view, if you were viewing from the inside. So I always smirk, knowing that ad companies play the viewers for idiots and don't want to show a "W" for a second.

That's it, I'm only eating w&w's

The Nerve! <_<
Originally posted by Schuyler@Mar 18 2004, 12:41 AM
Is Chicago's "Color My World" a different song? Or a cover? I've only heard the chicago one and haven't seen the ads yet.
No, the Chicago tune is completely different from the song in the M&M's commercial.
Does anyone know the song playing in the older ad where it like a flood of M&M's and their changing colors as they wave! There was like a quote at the end but I dont remeber it! But I remeber there was two ads for this and they had different songs! PLEASE HELP ME FIND BOTH!
omg i LOVE th m&m commercial....i just keep playing it over and over and over. when i first saw the commercial i started singing it and i wa slike, uhh, how do i know the words to this??? and then i was like ((epiphany)) omg its the postal service - such great hieghts... i want the tabs for that song so bad ((the m&m version tho)) its amazing...
I'm digging this one back up. 3 years later and still no complete version. We got Renee to comment here before. I'm sure she had to enter an email address like the rest of us. Sure it's supposedly unethical, but can't one of you moderators try to get her back here?
Re: M&Ms "Color My World" river of color ad music

Anyone found anything yet? Its been 5 years now =/