lucky bastard

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have you guys heard of this free flat screens roommate got a sony wega TV shipped to him last week.

that lucky son of a bitch......although i do get to watch it.

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I've heard of a similar website that gives you free iPods.
yeah i thought that free ipod one was a scam, but i actually got it like a month later. so yeah
So, what exactly is this site? I mean, you go there and do what, in order for them to send you free stuff?
i dont know for either one soo....

yeah what do you have to do for the ipod site and what site is it?
Yay! We all want free Ipods and flatscreens! Please, share the love. :D
Good idea! I don't know if I'd do that or not. I'd probably keep the flatscreen and sell my old TV on ebay. Wouldn't get as much but, hey, I'd have a flatscreen TV !
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