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I herad this song a cupple of years ago on a luxory car commercial. The car was by the coast driving by a train. The veiw went into the train then and you could see the passengers then back out to the car. I saw a earlyer post that said it was the licoln ls from year 2000-1998.

I resently heard it on a cold moutain commercial and a few months ago on a nissan or toyota commercial. It sounds like do.... do.... do... t t t de ta da and keeps going like that. Not like the do do do do song
it might be "clubbed to death (kuraymino mix)" byrob dougan (aka rob d)
Interesting that his website lists a disc called "Clubbed to Death: Compact Disk Experience" that contains the "kurayamino variation". However, I can't find the disk for sale anywhere.

EDIT: It looks like its available on the "Furious Angels" disc. Click "Launch Player" and you will see it listed.
A few years ago, maybe 2000 - 2002 there was a luxury car commercial where there was this slow techno song with good beats playing. I'm not sure about the car, but I do know it started out with a closeup of a grey/silver chess board and zooming out through the window showing the car go through diff. turns. At the same time it showed the car going through green hills. Im not sure what type of car it was, maybe oldsmobile or lexus? but does anyone know what song they played? I know the song didn't have any lyrics to it.
hmm maybe more info will help. The commercial played here in the US. Im starting to remember a little more of it. Instead of the people playing chess in the car, they were playing chess in a train that was going by. It showed the camera zoom out and you could see the car go by through the window. I think they might have been looking at the car. I know its still not enough info, but if you have questions that might help you find out please reply. thx.
So far nothing. We have so many thousands of car ads I really need something to start it off with. Such as what car it was for. Did a quick search at another ad resource I use, but nothing concrete. Not sure where to get started on this one...
The song heard in the commercial is a modified version of "Clubbed to Death II" by Rob Dougan. You can hear the original song, along with his entire Furious Angels album at this website. Unforunately, the specific version heard in the Lincoln LS commercial has not been released on album and appears to be modified solely for use in the advertisement. It's too bad since I think the version in the commercial is much better than the original.

Okay, this is so close, but so far and driving me crazy. The music I'm thinking about has a driving techno beat and then a piano solo. I thought it was from the Lincoln LS commercial of the couple on the train and then the chess set stuff, but it's not. I still think it's in some car commercial, but I'm getting so confused I could be wrong. I know I've heard it on TV on a commercial. ... I've heard it also (don't laugh) in a figure skating routine. I looked up the skater's site (Brian Joubert) and it said Original Theme from The Untouchable for his 2003/04 program. It's definitely not The Untouchables, plural. From the skater's costume, I thought it might be from The Matrix soundtrack, but it wasn't ... It could be from a videogame called The Untouchable, but I can't get a listen to that either. ... Any help would be appreciated! :(
Same as in the Lincoln advertisement - Clubbed to Death II.
Thanks for the tip. I listened to the Audi commercial and Clubbed to Death. The cord progression is similar, but it's not THE song. Didn't think I could get anymore frustrated in this quest, but that just did it. So very close, but not it. ... I think maybe it's the car commercial in the desert and when it switches inside it's the piano solo. I don't know what car that was.
Have you tried "clubbed to death 2" and "I'm not driving anymore". It is on the same CD. Here's another link to a section where you can listen to all the songs on his CD. .

Good Luck.
Halleluih! Clubbed to Death is it. I somehow didn't hear this version on the first Rob Dougan site I went to. Thanks so much to all for helping me find this unholy grail.