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recent tv commercial for financial services. with young adult woman looking at picutres with parents/family and it ends with them taking picutres in what appears to be a european city plaza ... classical music sounds czech, russian??? thx.
not sure what company it is, but it is a young adult woman visiting with family and ends with them taking a picutre in a european city plaza ... with classical music playing in background???

I've been looking for this one as well. I agree - the music has a romantic period Russian sound.

A guy on replied to my post there. He believes that music was custom written for this ad. I've tracked down the ad firm in Minneapolis that did the ad. I plan to email them about this music.

If you've had any luck identifying that music - PLEASE post a reply.

I've seen the ad a couple of times but unfortunately don't remember the music.The Russian feel would be appropriate because the plaza is Palace Square in St Petersburg and other images are typically Russian.I'll listen more closely next time.
:D Found it! :D

The music used in this TV ad is "By the Sea" by Greek composer Eleni Karaindrou. It was taken from the soundtrack of the 1998 Greek film "Eternity and a Day".

Special thanks to Erika Larson from the Martin/Williams, the ad agency who produces the TV ads for the Lincoln Financial Group.
Well done!I did get the clip and was working on it...