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There's a commercial I saw tonight on Adult Swim between American Dad and Robot Chicken with an incredible song in it. The song sounded like a classical piece made into a techno song.
The commercial featured people walking on treadmills with their hands instead of their feet (in a wrestling ring), a man riding a tricycle on a track (or something like that), and some people being launched over a field goal (at the very end, one of them slams into the left side of it), all taking place at night. It was a commercial for Powerade and ended with the phrase "Sport is what you make it"
Thanks in advance for any help anyone has to offer!!
Saw it again tonight on Adult Swim, one more time.
Got it on tape. Tomorrow morning I'll upload it...
i too am interested in finding out what this song is. I saw it this morning on FX and i wanted to hear the hardcore clarinet part again :D. I went to the powerade site but for some reason the ad dosn't look american to me (looks like it was done in PAL >> NTSC)
It's a contemporary version of the Overture from Mozart's opera, 'Cosi Fan Tutte'.

Listen to sample of the original here (Disc 1, Track 1).

I imagine that it was arranged specifically for the commercial but for another modern variation of the piece, check out RONDO VENEZIANO.
Thanks so much for the information. I'll work on tracking down the version in the commercial. Instrumental music is such a b**ch to find if you don't know anything about it. I should brush up on my classical a bit.
Thank you thank you thank you
So does anyone know anything about the particular version used in the commercial?