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Ok, the song im looking for is from the Levis Jean commercial one where there is this couple being chased by a black s.u.v i believe. they lose them at the bay and they dump the car on the side of the bay; then the guy realizes he left something in the car and dives in to get it...moments later he comes up and they show that it was a french/english dictionary. Turns out the girl he was with only spoke french by the looks of it and they walk off; this takes place at nightime. Can anyone help me out with the song they played for the BG...it'll be of great help :D Thanks!
Hey thanks a lot! really realluy appreciated! :D I am definately gonna get myself that album, it just rocks! hehe thanks again!
what is the song in the levis commercial with a guy and a girl tjat are driving around in a car, and then they dump it into the water and the guy jumps in because he left is french dictionary in the car.
"Playground Love" by Air. :usesearch: Search is goooooood. ;) :D