1. S

    1993 Levi's "Keep It Loose" ads

    I'm looking for the name and artist of a song that was featured in two 1993 commercials for Levi's Loose Fit jeans. The first ad is set in an urban intersection, while the second takes place among sand dunes in the desert. Both ads depict young teens skateboarding, dancing, leaping through the...
  2. Cindy90210

    Levi’s Commuter

    Hmm i love this song in Ad but idk anything about it lol;-( ...hope someone help me
  3. F

    1990s Levi's Loose fit jeans

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQq1jMvdOoc
  4. S

    Levi's 501 Jeans "Fall"

    Hi! Can anyone tell me what is the song called in this old Levis commercial?
  5. BesideTheVoid

    1990s Levi's jeans people jumping

    Hi, I found several Levis commercials on YouTube from the 90s with people flying around (actually jumping but cut to look like flying). I can't find the one with the lyrics that go something like "everybody hey", with mostly just solo male singer (sounds like rapper with low rough voice but...
  6. K

    Levi's horse train jumper

    I've tried listening in on the lyrics, but they weren't very clear, so I couldn't search it. Does anyone here know it?
  7. this4lyn

    Levi's "Go Forth" Braddock Pennsylvania

    Hey, does anyone know the name of the oldies sounding song from a Levi Jeans commercial with a woman singing the lyrics: "high hope dig dig dig" ?
  8. Z


    I'm not shure that the commercial I'm looking for is a Levi's commercial... In the last 1 or 2 years there was a commercial and in it showed a woman who get out of a car (it was red?)... and on the woman there was a jeans, then she walked away... etc. This commercial was a campaign with an...
  9. M

    1992 Levi's jeans desert skateboarding

    There was this series of commercials around '92 or '93...I THINK it was for Levi's jeans but I can't find it on YouTube or anywhere so it might have been for another brand of jeans or shoes or something. Anyway the one I'm thinking of takes place in a desert where a bunch of teenagers are...
  10. G

    Levi's 501 Jeans "Helium"

    In this new Levi's commercial, some kids inflate a guy's clothes and he floats around. I recognized the song from GTA IV. It's Yadnus by !!!. "Yadnus" by !!! aka Chk-Chk-Chk on "Myth Takes" Buy the CD on Amazon Buy the MP3 on Amazon Buy the song on iTunes
  11. K

    Levi's 501 "Unbreakable" Live Unbuttoned

    Does anyone know the song in this ad? Thanks
  12. S

    Levi's 501 "Secrets and Lies" Live Unbuttoned

    Does anyone know the song in the new Levi's commercial where the guy and girl are getting naked in the apartment building and go into an apartment to have sex and she tells him it is not her apartment, and it is a cop's apartment?
  13. D

    Levi's 501 "Change"

    Levi's 501 "Change" Has anyone seen this? The guy is in his apartment, he begins to pull up his jeans and in the process he pulls up a phone booth with a girl on the phone who is clearly interested in him because of his cool jeans.... yeah right, but that's advertising for you. Anyway, he...
  14. J

    Levi's "Dangerous Liason"

    Levi's "Dangerous Liason" Does anyone know the song of this new Levi's commercial?
  15. E

    Levi's "Walk the Line" covers

    Levi's "Walk the Line" covers anybody know who sings the Levi's commerical with 'Walk the Line'?
  16. F

    1990s Levi's

    The song I've wanted to find out who performed for many (obviously) years, was on a Levi's ad on MTV around 1995. It was kind of Reggae like, and everyone was moving in slow-motion. It was at the end when the guy singing hits an incredibly high pitch - almost like an electric guitar would sound...
  17. P


    Doe anyone Know's the music from the new Levi's Tv Commercial, the one that a man is climbing a building. I think it is the most recent Levi's ad.
  18. M

    Levis Erykah Badu

    I know this commercial is a few years old, but it featured a drum & bass / jungle remix to the song on & on . Does anyone know who produced the track ? Any help would be appreciated
  19. T

    Levi's "Crazy Legs"

    Levi's "Crazy Legs" hi does anyone remember the sprite commercial where a guy is walkingdown the street and only his upper half of his body is shown.... It's looks like he walking normal but at the end they zoom out and shows him crip walking or doing something crazy with his legs..... I was...
  20. E

    Levi's Jeans Straight Fit 559

    Lyrics are like..."so superstitious..."