Levi's Jeans Straight Fit 559

A new jeans ad that just came out. A guy steals some pants off of a balcony and puts them on only for the pants to mimic the owners movements causing the thief to fall down and run into people. He later returns the jeans to the owners balcony. Please help.
shoot i know the song but can't think of it at all. 60's song, black group i think. THis will drive me nuts till i see the commercial again
What is the song in the Levi commerical that shows a guy putting his pants out on his balconey of a apartment of hotel and a guy steals them. The african american who put the pants out has some sort of vodoo power over the guy who stole the pants.
I am just wondering the song on the new LEVI's JEANS commercial where the guy on the street takes a pair of jeans off the man's veranda and as he is walking with them on, his body copies the man in the apartment and he returns the jeans at the end of the commercial. If you dont understand, i can be more specific.
it might be remade for the commercial but the song is definately "superstition" by the great stevie wonder
Sadly I didn't catch much of the commercial but I heard a very familiar sounding guitar and drum combo, mostly the guitar for about 25 seconds in the 30 second ad before the male vocalist started to talk but the ad ended and I forget the words. I do know it was for some type of dark jeans, it wasn't "I Walk the Line" remakes or the "Sir Duke" remake or any "fash" songs from Old Navy. It aired during the "Four Fathers of Comedy" last night on FOX (Simpsons/American Dad/Family Guy/War at Home) and sounds like a 70's funk song. Sorry for the lack of info, if I hear it again I'll update this. Any help?
There is a song called "I walk the line" by Jonny Cash, though im not to sure if that was the version used in the commercial.

And there is a song called "Fash' On" by Fannypack.. I think. And i also dont think the song has come out yet :(
Thanks for trying, but as I said in the post it isn't any of those songs. Its an old 70's funk tune and I wish I could be more specific, but only heard the instrumental portion. Oh well! Maybe somebody else knows?
Stecia, thank you! That's the song alright. I'm sorry I had so little to work with but WOW, that was a great catch! :)
ok, so the ad has a black dude and his girlfriend in his apartment, he takes off his pants, puts them on a railing outside, and a random dude takes his pants, puts them on .. and mysteriously however the black dude moves, it makes the pants thief act in a similar fashion in a variety of comical places. the thief then returns the pants to the original spot on the railing, where the black dude comes out to collect the pants, and exeunt.

the music in the background is obviously funk, with a clavinet as the main instrument

didn't appear to have any lyrics either unfortunately

anyone know this?