Levi's "They Go On"


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Levi's "They Go On"

Does anyone remember those Levi's commercials, I'm gonna say around '98, where they played a series of ads.. one commercial showed a little scenario with people doing stuff (no, can't remember what, but it was just *stuff*) which they would play for a few weeks, then they'd show the next commercial, which started up where the last one ended.. kinda like the "22 Short Film About Springfield" for all you Simpsons fans out there.
And then, the very last "episode" features a dude going through the car wash, I think with the top down.. and the song "Car Wash" by Rose Royce is playing, and when he's done he drives past the dude that's in the very first commercial. Full circle, get it?
Anyway, I know the music.. I don't want to know about that.. what I DO want is to know where I can see those ads. I've searched, and I don't think Levi's has them online anymore, though at the time you could log on and see the whole series. Anyone know where I can go?
You might find someone on the Yahoo! Group "The Commercials We Love" -- they have a lot of requests for old ads, and I've seen a lot of occasions where people actually have the requested files or know where to get them.

Maybe that's a starting point. :)