Levis "Going Away Present"


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Levis "Going Away Present"

Today I saw a Levi's ad from CMT. A guy made some jeans. Then at a bus station he gave his girlfriend one pair. At last on the bus, this guy took off his outside pants and a Levi's jean showed up. The song is familar, does anyone give a help? thx.
It is "Easy." Lionel Ritchie wrote it but that is the re-make by Faith No More.
You can find it on Napster and the like.
the new commercial with the guy making jeans for his girl, then he gets on a train then takes off his sweatpants to reveal the same jeans. I know the song is Easy Like Sunday Morning, but I don't think it's the old song.. it's by some new guy. TIA!
hey thanks for answering this question, because i too was wondering who sang the "new version"...like it a lot, even though the old one is good too! :rolleyes:
He makes the jeans old and gets on a bus and has his old pair still on.

What is that song.

Lyrics: Ahhhhhhhhhh
Easy Like Sunday Morning
I know it sounds funny but I just can't stand the pain
Girl I'm leavin' you tomorrow
Seems to me girl you know I done all I can...

Faith No More's cover of the Commodores' "Easy"
it's about a guy who takes off his pants and gives 'em to his chick before getting on the bus... then he puts on a new pair on the bus.

(8)leavin' on Sunday Morrrrrrrrnin'(8) i think haha.

i NEED the name of this song. i can't get it out of my head