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Hello everyone. Sorry if this has been asked before, but anyone know of the song that plays in the current levi's commercial? In the commercial a girl is running from a dog, she climbs up a tree, but the dog bites the bottom of her jeans in time & so i guess she takes it off. Later the dog gives the jeans to his owner & the owner puts it on, the girl is at the door, etc. etc.

Sorry for the bad description of the commercial. I've heard it before, but vaguely remember which band sings it.

Thanks in advance.
Okay, saw the ad. Male vocals, pop rock. The lyrics follow:

ah ooh ooh ooh, ah ooh ooh ooh
Can't get this special woman out of my head
All of this pressure... (can't understand this part of lyrics)
Pressure, pressure, pressure
yeessss, thats the commercial. ive tried searching on the internet, but got nothing. anyone know the title?
I tried lyric searches, but it's hard to make out exactly what he's saying -- so my words are probably off some. I don't think I've ever heard it before though... Levi's has ads on their site, but I haven't found this one on there yet.
And another random question about this commercial... is the boyfriend the lead singer from Maroon 5? It certainly looked like Adam Levine to me... ;)
I just saw this commercial and the song is "Pressure Point" by The Zutons. It is on their album... Who Killed the Zutons?

They are an amazing band that is just getting started! Here is their website to confirm that this is the song...

Originally posted by StefrzCali@Nov 6 2004, 09:18 PM
I just saw this commercial and the song is "Pressure Point" by The Zutons. It is on their album... Who Killed the Zutons?
Nice work!

The album can be found here. Song is also available for download from .
thank you very much, its a good song.

But ohiomedgirl, no thats not adam levine for maroon 5. i assume thats just an actor or model.
The commercial is a girl getting chased by a dog and the dog pulls her jeans off and takes them back to her boyfriend or something. Whta song is used in that commercial?
Hey just wondering in anyone recognizes this song? It was played a a Levi's jean ad, where a girl is walking and a dog starts chasing her. She runs up a tree, but the dog grabs her pants and brings them back to her boyfriend... any help would be awesome!
Please use search before starting new topics. This has been answered previously.
Your link just went to the front page of Levi's site.

I'm assuming you want the "Nice Try" ad though, since it's the only one without the music IDed on their site. Don't forget to search before starting a new topic. It was answered here.
I'm really glad the Zutons are getting the exposure they deserve, even it if is just in commercials and stuff. They are a great band, and their album is GREAT, totally retro. They are also very friendly folk. I'd recommend checking out their stuff. It's available on iTunes, Napster, and the www.sonyconnect.com music stores, as well as on amazon, and regular stores and stuff. They've also got some samples of their other stuff on their website, http://www.thezutonsusa.com .
Worth checking out.
I dunno if anyone else has seen it, but they updated the Levi commercial with a segment at the end that shows the band and song used. Maybe this will become a trend with all commercials that use music from artists. :D