Levi's "Freedom to Move"


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Levi's "Freedom to Move"

Hi there.
In this levi's ad a guy and a girl start running, inside some house, start breaking through walls, climbing things and finally lift off and fly into space.
Beautiful intrumental song, driving me crazy.
Can anyone help?
It's an orchestrated version of Handel's 'Sarabande' called 'Freedom to Move (Domino Theory Remix)' by FREEDOM TO MOVE.
I'm an Europan and, therefore, I'm not sure if this ad has ever passed in the USA.

It showed a young man and a woman, running through a building and destroying several walls as they ran. In the end, they would run up a tree, towards the sky. Do you know what music was used in that ad? It was something classical.
Hi KC. I don't think that it ever ran over here but I'm pretty sure you're looking for Handel - "Sarabande in D minor"
Hi all!

I'm really looking for the name of a song of an ad that I saw some years ago. I've tried searching nut haven't had any success.

The ad was from nike or adidas or any other trainers brand and showed a man and a girl running in a house breaking the walls for finally go up a tree or something like that. The song was classical, I'm sure of it.

Can someone help me?