Lauren Flax - You've Changed (Dean Coleman Village Vocal Remix)


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I just purchased another version of this song on Itunes and too my frustration it doesn't have the vocal or lyrics it's a dub mix. I don't hate it but I'd much rather have this one. Any help or ideas. I searched, the only other source I know to buy music electronically. It did not have the vocal version as shown here. the "Dean Coleman Village Dub Mix" is incorrect....

Looking for the same version as in the title of this post. I hope I'm not embarrassing myself again. I searched on amazon but maybe my searching methods are wrong. I doubt this one will be there, I checked already lol.

Thanks you guys. If you find it can u post the location here in a reply please?

Lauren Flax - You've Changed (Dean Coleman Village Vocal Remix) - YouTube
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Hi, Kahu.

First off thanks for helping me with this. You are very thorough and I really appreciate it. I get so dang busy I forget what i'm searching for. Yes Itunes has a version of the remix but it is dub which is not the one I am looking for yeah. I bought it though. The version I like has the lyrics in it and is exactly the version in the link above.

I'll check out the versions in the link you sent now and I'll get back to you o.k.

I hope you like the tune too because I put these posts in hope that others really get into the groove too. I love that underground stuff even though it's a pain to actually find the full versions to add to your personal collection....
Yeah it's definitely not any of those, but I do love the Vasquez version. You've Changed (Dean Coleman Village Vocal Remix) is the exact version. I bought the dub version but it's shorter and not even remotely close to the one I added here in youtube.

I'll keep trying, hopefully you won't give up on it either Kahu :D.
yeah, the link results somehow changed. They are not the same listings as when I posted it. I was sure I saw the exact mix your looking for on itunes, but the titles were partially cut off. I ended up installing Itunes and found out why its showing up in itunes from google. Its saying I had to change the itunes store from us to australia and then it showed up.

I cant figure out how find the direct links in Itunes, so after you figure out how to change your store to Austrailia, just search for "you've changed dean coleman".
It will pull up the dean coleman village vocal mix, the dean coleman village vocal extende mix, and the dean coleman village dub.
Good luck!
I am uninstalling itunes!