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um on the laguan beach back to the beach preveiw!! there were alot of good songs played..does anyone know any of them just name them all if u knnow them please. thanks a lot!!!
There were some really great songs on there. I am curious to know what they were too.
edit. lol I just saw the show you're talkin about. it does have some awesome songs!
well I only got two songs from it
Sugarcult- Memory
Jaime Paxton- Five Years
and I got some lyrics for some others..

girl "I'll go where I am meant to be" SONG FOUND: Ginger Sling "Meant To Be"
girl "I see a thousand suns as I talk to you.. it's a party when the girls all get together" SONG FOUND: Ginger Sling "Are You Gonna"
guy "one more space, one more time.. I missed you, it's true" SONG FOUND: Lapush "Quit You Now"
girl "now let's get to the fun part"
girl "you don't have to be so mean" SONG FOUND: Jaime Paxton "So Mean"
guy "I'm over love yes I'm over I'm over this one"
girl "I'm out of my head again I'm out of my heart for you it's out of my hands again I've run out of time with you" SONG FOUND: Ginger Sling "Out Of My Head"

they're all kind of rock/indie songs
if anyone can help, thanks!
Um on the Laguna beach back to the beach preview…..there was this song played Get back back back to the disaster……… or something like that if anyone knows that song if u do please tell me thank you so much!!! Oh ya that song might have been on a commercial of Laguan beach!! :unsure:
Can anyone tell me the song being played in the new laguna beach season 2 trailer?
It goes something like its gonna be different this time or something like that. If you know please tell me thanks alot!!
is it a guy singin something like.. bah baaaah this is the second summer.. ? I wanna know that too
Tanya do you think you could keep all this in one post? thanks
I thought the "It's gonna be different" one has a girl singing. If you're talking about the latest one they've been showing that features Kristin, the song that's in that commercial is "We Used To Be Friends" by The Dandy Warhols. (Track 2) That song has the "bah baaaah" in it.
no that's not it.. the chorus is like.. buh baaaah buh baaah this is the saddest summer or something
it's "sound of settling" by Death Cab for Cutie.. it's like "bah bah. bah bah. this is the sound of settling, bah bah"
yeah that's the song woohoo and Tanya, the other song ur talkin about is Sugarcult "Memory"
Has anyone figured this one out yet?

girl "I'm out of my head again I'm out of my heart for you it's out of my hands again"
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Hey Stuhlz,

Did you get the song tittles yet? I was just wondering ccause I have been looking all over for the one that goes like "I'm out of my head again, I'm out of my heart for you, Its out of my hands again, I've run out of time with you" let me know

hey does any one know the name of the song right after the part where the seniors graduated? its something "one more time..." and it shows Lo turning around in slow motion. thanks!