KFC & Campbell's Chunky Soup


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There's a song used in current KFC and Pepsi ads that are football themed .
The song which has long been associated with the NFL has been used in the past as NFL promos as well as other TV and radio ads. Does anyone know what this melody is?
Wondering what the music was for the KFC commercials where the guy is running back home. It sounds like a western song like Rodeo: Hoe Down.

I also heard the same song during a Campbell's Chunky Soup commercial which featured Donovan McNabb. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
KFC & Campbell's Chunky Soup

Hello ALL..I am a first time poster! B) My son is driving me bonkers..he is looking for the music that is in 2 commercials (same music) Kfc football commercial and Campbell's chunky Soup..both are football related..Anybody?? TIA :lol:
Someone answered with "Round Up" by Sam Spence -- but it was never confirmed, so I don't know if that's the right song or not. You can listen to an audio sample of the song here, track 4.
Does anyone know the name of the instrumental music that is in the background of a current Campbell's soup commercial that features Donovan McNabb's mother. This same tune was also in a recent KFC commerical that had a guy running to get back home. He jump slides across the hood of someome's car. I've forgotten the punch line, but I think just after he gets home, the cashier shows up have just completed the same run to give him his free Pepsi. The tune is forcefull and heroic.